New Dog Owner’s Guide: Teaching Your Puppy To Go To The Bathroom Outside

Getting a puppy can bring a lot of joy to a family, but it also brings a lot of work – especially in the beginning stages of introducing the puppy into the family. One of the most pressing issues you face is teaching the puppy to go to the bathroom outside. The best way to teach a puppy to go outside takes planning and commitment from all the members of the family responsible for taking care of the dog. Here is how you can develop a training program everyone can use to make sure the puppy learns to not go to the bathroom in the house.

You Will Need:

  • Dog Cage
  • Leash
  • Treats

When Puppy is Home Alone

A dog cage helps a puppy to control its urges to go to the bathroom. Most dogs will not go to the bathroom where they sleep and rest – whereas, a dog that has the run of the house when no one is around will typically urinate and defecate throughout the areas of the house where they don't sleep.

When someone gets home, one of the first things they should do is take the dog outside to go to the bathroom. If the puppy runs to an area of the house when it is released from the cage to pee or poop, you should clap your hands to scare it and say "no". This will alert the puppy that it is doing something negative. However, you need to get the dog outside quickly so it can relieve itself.

The issue, especially with puppies, is that their bladders are still growing and they need to be taken out many times during the day. If a family member can't be around at various times during the day to take the puppy out, you should hire a dog sitter who can stop by during the day to take the puppy out for you.

The puppy should be put on a leash and taken to the same areas where it has previously gone to the bathroom. You should pick a term like "go potty" so the dog gets used to the idea and knows what to expect. If the dog does go potty, praise it and give it a little treat to reinforce positive feelings that going outside is a good thing.

When Family Members are Home

You and your family members need to make sure you take the puppy out on a regular basis when someone is home. Someone should take the puppy out about every hour or so during the day to relieve itself.

In a few weeks, your dog will get the idea that going to the bathroom in the house is not a good idea.